Karla Loeb

2015 Fellow

Karla is a renewable energy specialist focusing on green field projects, new market entry and regulatory and legislative affairs. As the Director of Business Development & Government affairs at PosiGen, Karla is in charge of coordinating day-to-day legislative, administrative and regulatory efforts at the local, state and national levels. Her undertakings have established PosiGen as a leading industry expert on issues relating to low-to-moderate income households' access to solar.  As a result of her lobbying & regulatory efforts, New York and Connecticut announced the creation of LMI elevated solar incentives.  In her previous job, Karla aided in the development and construction of 708+ MW of wind energy in Texas. Karla has worked with or served on the Texas House Farm-to-Table Caucus, the Austin Sustainable Food Policy Board, Slow Food and the Women of Wind Energy.  Karla currently is a member of the GSREIA and the Alliance for Affordable Energy boards.