Mikal Anderson

2017 Fellow

Mikal Anderson is the Founder and Chief Consulting Officer of Prototype Entities – an educational consulting firm which provides innovative, equitable, and culturally responsive interventions and systems to maximize the learning outcomes of students.  Mikal brings nearly fifteen years of public and private sector expertise in the areas of instructional pedagogy, school operations, education policy, human capital, and public finance to the field of education.  Prior to his current roles, he worked with numerous academic institutions, nonprofits, and research teams in the Philadelphia area as both a consultant and instructor.  He is an inaugural member of the research and practice advisory team for the Bernard C. Watson Endowed Chair in Urban Education at Temple University.  As a trained educator with a general education and special education background, Mikal is deeply committed to initiatives that promote high-quality educational opportunities for all scholars – regardless of their socio-economic status and diverse learning needs.